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fruit sugar gets converted into ENERGY
The sugar fruit contains is a natural sugar, fructose. Which is extremely different to the sugars we have all been told are “bad” - fruit sugars are NATURAL, good! Whereas the sugar in a chocolate bar or candy - they are processed and refined sugars, which contain no beneficial nutrients. When you eat a piece of fruit, you’re eating countless beneficial vitamins and minerals, not just the fructose. When you eat fruit - you receive natural, wholesome nutrients! This is entirely different to eating a spoonful of sugar. Fruit will not make you fat, fruit does not contain too much sugar. No body should ever think twice about eating a piece of fruit, it’s one of the most natural and beneficial items you can put into your body! Please - do not be worried about the sugar content of fruit. It breaks my heart to think that some people have been influenced into thinking that FRUIT is somehow bad for you. For more information on fruit, fruit sugars and how the body responds to fruit when you consume it - I highly recommend reading the book “80 10 10” by Dr Douglas Graham."

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animals hear the screaming and crying of other animals being slaughtered. these emotions - fear, grief, and rage - produce chemical changes in their bodies. when you eat animal products you are directly consuming all of this negative energy. please, go vegan

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